Simple? Steps to Living Your Dreams


The most liberating day came for me last year when I realized that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. It was a paradigm shift. I observed my whole life in a new way. Everything I did became more meaningful and important. Every decision I made (or Al and I made together) was a strategic to move us together or myself forward toward a new goal and challenge. And every ounce of effort I put into my life, I realized would pay off somehow, someday.

I’m sure that you all know people who seem to have it all figured out. I’ll give you an example to illustrate the person who highlighted this for me.

Her name is Emily. She is my childhood friend from elementary school. And even though I moved away when I was eleven, I remember her vividly, because we learned how to type together in third grade.

Emily and I both excelled at typing. I remember memorizing words in my head by “typing” them out to practice, because I took it that seriously. Our scores were always within a few points of each other. Since this is my blog though, I’m going to say that I definitely beat her at typing every time–in accuracy and speed–when I was eight years old.

Fast forward to college and Emily becomes a stenographer. A stenographer?! I honestly did not even know that was a real career. Google it–it is, and they make good money, especially if they own their own business and contract themselves out.

I am in no way jealous of Emily (who is now in Asia becoming a certified yoga instructor). Instead, I am inspired by her. Every time she conquers a fear, it makes me want to become more fearless.

So, here is some honest and hopefully helpful advice about how to live out YOUR dreams, whatever they may be. Hopefully we can inspire people by never giving up on ours…

1. Know yourself and be confident in what you know

From the type of ice cream that you like, to your style, to how well you manage your finances, get yourself on lock down. You might need to begin by honestly evaluating where you’re at. So…
– Take a week out of your life to do a gut check with everything you do and make sure you are in line with that still small voice inside of you.
– Continue doing what you enjoy. Your love of __x__ will inspire others because you will give your hobby/career a life that no one else can. If you do not enjoy anything, work on step one and dig deeper.
– Move forward every day. Create goals and remind yourself of them as often as possible. I don’t believe in creating goals that I know deep down I’m not going to accomplish. If you do this, you have just given up on yourself without even beginning. Set attainable goals, achieve them, then set harder goals.

2. Do something that scares you every day.

I had no idea how many things scared me until I began to seek out my fears:
– I was afraid of running outside because I thought I would sprain my ankle. Fear conquered.
– I was afraid of chickens because when I was little our rooster chased and pecked at me. Suck it, fear. Hello chicks.
– I was afraid of starting a garden because I didn’t want to kill all of the plants and feel like a murderer. (Thanks Al for helping out with this goal!) Garden #2 will be coming this spring.

Knowing your fears is also a part of knowing yourself–so look at the good, the bad, and the ugly in the face and begin to work towards the life you really want. Your dream life. Then, give your dreams some traction and think through how to make them achievable and attainable.

Plan. Move forward. Work hard. Don’t give up. Watch your dreams unfold in front of you.

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