Missoula Grange Meeting

So we had another Grange meeting and made some more progress, thanks so much to Annie Heuscher for facilitating-in-absentia and preparing such detailed notes.  We began the meeting reviewing the previous meeting’s minutes and discussing some of the points from the last meeting, then began with this month’s agenda: In Attendance Scott and Marie NicholsonContinue reading “Missoula Grange Meeting”

National Grange Membership Director Coming to Missoula 23 APR

First off you’re probably wondering what a “Grange” is.  Well according to the website, it is a “nonprofit, nonpartisan, fraternal organization that advocates for Rural America and agriculture”.  Don’t let the word “fraternal” scare you off ladies, the Grange has always had full equal voting rights for all members, 50 years before the Women’s SuffrageContinue reading “National Grange Membership Director Coming to Missoula 23 APR”

A Ladies Guide to Guns, Meat, and Hunting Season

GUNS I’ve lived in Montana most of my life. I was raised in eastern Montana in a single-wide trailer with ugly shag, green carpet on the middle of a 360 acre piece of land that had one lone tree. My dad’s closet was lined with guns. He didn’t take them out, he didn’t take themContinue reading “A Ladies Guide to Guns, Meat, and Hunting Season”

Primrose station made The Missoulian!

Good morning! I woke up this morning to a great article published in The Missoulian, our local paper! Take a look at the article here! Obviously we’re pumped to get the building featured in the paper, but the timing is a little off. I’ve been working on a kickstarter campaign for Primrose (well, a stillContinue reading “Primrose station made The Missoulian!”

It’s July, Let’s Make Pickles!

My sisters drove up from San Diego to visit the…epic project that we have unleashed upon our little neck of the Missoula valley, and they brought with them–straight from their southern CA garden–fresh cucumbers!  (Thanks A & E, love you!) The thing is, Alton hates cucumbers.  It doesn’t make any sense to me how someoneContinue reading “It’s July, Let’s Make Pickles!”

1/2 Way to the New Year, Goal Review.

1. Grow our family of animals to be 20 chickens and 50 rabbits without purchasing any new chicks or kits at the store. (Kit is short for kitten, the term for a baby rabbit–cute attack!) – So…we’re up to 24 chickens and have cuddled 32 kits. Al snuck quite a few chickens into our lifeContinue reading “1/2 Way to the New Year, Goal Review.”

Primrose Station on the National Register of Historic Places

After half a year and a lot of work by our amazing Historian, Jon Axline, yesterday Primrose Station’s NRHP application was voted on in Seeley Lake. Although we were out-of-town and couldn’t attend, it was very exciting to hear from Mr. Axline that our State Historic Preservation Office voted unanimously in favor of our application!Continue reading “Primrose Station on the National Register of Historic Places”

Megan brought the kids to visit and took some pics! (click here)

Megan brought the kids to visit and took some pics! (click here) My sister brought the nephews up recently and took some great pics of the property and us all playing in the snow.  Right now I wish it was gone so I could built some stuff, but it sure was fun last weekend! <aContinue reading “Megan brought the kids to visit and took some pics! (click here)”