About Us

VISION: To reinvent historic Primrose Substation #10 as a modern homestead and Guest Ranch where people can enjoy quality, local food and reconnect to a simpler way of life.


  1. HOSPITALITY: Warmly receiving our guests and showing them special care, good intentions, and always being willing to help.
  2. STEWARDSHIP: Responsibly tending, supervising, and managing our land and animals with care and making improvements over time.
  3. OPTIMISM: Focusing on what we can accomplish in any day, month, or year that will bring us closer to our vision.
  4. CONFIDENCE: Making decisions quickly because we know our strengths, our weaknesses, learn from our mistakes, and build professional relationships with subject matter experts.
  5. CELEBRATION: Acknowledging and being grateful for what we have been given. Enjoying the journey and not focusing on the destination.

Owner, Primrose Station: Alton is the man behind the dream that is Primrose Guest Ranch. He is originally from eastern Montana and enlisted in the Army in 2002. Eighteen years, three deployments, two languages, one wife, and two kids later, he now owns enough acreage, animals, and investment properties to accelerate Primrose Guest Ranch to Phase III. You’ll find more information about Phase III of Primrose Guest Ranch as you explore our website. We’d love you to stay with us, support our local farm, or just join us online during this exciting journey.

Owner, Primrose Station: Erin joined Alton on this lifelong journey to pursue his dream in 2010. Since then, she’s gone on to become an Army officer and complete a Master’s Degree. Her additional titles include landlord, accountant, small business owner, farmer, and mother. Erin helps to manage the finances, farm animals, passion projects, and wrangle the kids while working full time. It is only with the support of a couple of amazing grandmas and a heap of awesome friends and family that Primrose Guest Ranch has moved into Phase III.

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