Primrose station made The Missoulian!

Good morning! I woke up this morning to a great article published in The Missoulian, our local paper! Take a look at the article here! Obviously we’re pumped to get the building featured in the paper, but the timing is a little off. I’ve been working on a kickstarter campaign for Primrose (well, a still and maybe a cider press at Primrose), and I can’t launch it until my bank account is confined. This being the weekend, that means I missed a good opportunity to have it up when new people show up here from the article. Oh well, I’ll still move forward with it as soon as possible. We’ll have to get together with our friend Dawn Anderson down at Garage Tees, because contributors to the kickstarter campaign will be receiving a t-shirt with this on it:


Kickstarter is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma for me right now. I’ve seen people funding some AMAZING things, and I’ve also seen people successful in funding things like potato salad. I’ll be doing an article later this week about my trials and tribulations during our first kickstarter project, in case you may want to start one too!

Comments are always welcome, and if you like our blog please find us on Facebook and like and share the page! Please take a moment to stop over at The Missoulian and check out the article!

2 thoughts on “Primrose station made The Missoulian!

  1. Hi Erin. I am the one that used to live at Primrose and brought you the pictures last summer. I will give you my email in case you want to ask me anthing about the place. It just registered with me that I really did not give you or your husband to reach me. Hope things are going will with your plan…Rich Laws.

  2. Hey Rich! Thanks for the pics, this is the husband, and I’m back in town now. I’m going to scan those so I can get them back to you, they are amazing. I’d love to ask you some questions about the property some time!

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