Paid In Full!

Our Lop

Well today is the day!  After working our butts off and some well timed good luck, I’m on my way to pay off the loan on Primrose Station!!!  I’m sure my lovely wife wouldn’t have believed me a year ago if I told her we’d be done that soon, but then again, I wouldn’t have either.

This year one of our major goals with an eye to self-sufficiency was setting a budget and doing good financial planning.  Soon Erin is going to write a much more in-depth article regarding financial preparedness, so I won’t go into any of that here.  Suffice to say that when we started intensely tracking our spending, we found a lot of income that had just been flying out the window each month.

In other news, don’t tell my wife but there is still one connection to make to actually get the water from the well into the building, the contractor didn’t get the hole bored through the foundation in time and some of the ground froze.  Back to work!  Later on today I’ll be down in the hole again with a propane heater thawing things out so I can get that project off my list!

I finally had the opportunity to meet our baby rabbits and they are so cute!  I feel like Lenny, I just want to hold them, and pet them, and love them…  We had to separate the mother and kits, so now our buck is tending to the other lady rabbit, so we will have another litter shortly!  Unfortunately the little guy is in rough shape, the other doe pulled a bunch of his hair out to build her nest.  Glad I’m not a rabbit… also glad my wife isn’t one.

The weather isn’t great, I’ve been on the road for a month, I have so many projects to do before my wife can come home, but I finally feel so relaxed jettisoning a large portion of our monthly debt load.  If you’ve read the New Years Resolution post please leave some feedback about our upcoming project and/or more ideas (I’d like to build some cold frames too) to make this homestead a success.  Would love to hear from some other homesteaders!

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