Adjust fire…

I’ve been greedily devouring any information I can get my hands on regarding farming, homesteading, even B&B business planning in an effort to be as prepared as possible for problems that could arise. Of course through this process we are always refining our business plan and our goals. Recently I was looking up some infoContinue reading “Adjust fire…”

Nose? Meet Grindstone…

The week in review! First off, I went back and read some of our previous posts and lately it sounds like everything is going smoothly. In reality there are always setbacks, but I prefer to focus on the positive. I intended to post a tutorial the other day on making some awesome chicken waterers thatContinue reading “Nose? Meet Grindstone…”

Simple? Steps to Living Your Dreams

The most liberating day came for me last year when I realized that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. It was a paradigm shift. I observed my whole life in a new way. Everything I did became more meaningful and important. Every decision I made (or Al and I made together) was a strategic toContinue reading “Simple? Steps to Living Your Dreams”

Paid In Full!

Well today is the day!  After working our butts off and some well timed good luck, I’m on my way to pay off the loan on Primrose Station!!!  I’m sure my lovely wife wouldn’t have believed me a year ago if I told her we’d be done that soon, but then again, I wouldn’t haveContinue reading “Paid In Full!”


Anyone that knows us knows that we have given up a lot of creature comforts over the last year to attain our goals. At the end of last year I was still stationed in California and Erin had already found a job up here and moved back to get us established, and during that timeContinue reading “Sacrifice…”

New Year’s Resolutions

1. Grow our family of animals to be 20 chickens and 50 rabbits without purchasing any new chicks or kits at the store. (Kit is short for kitten, the term for a baby rabbit–cute attack!) 2. Host our 1st annual 4th of July celebration. Complete with a BBQ, bunting, and fireworks. 3. Build new homesContinue reading “New Year’s Resolutions”

Babe! Merry Christmas! I Got You Running Water.

You know that moment when you’re really excited about a great idea? Finally wearing those sexy shoes out, taking your child on a large roller coaster for the first time, the family vacation to Disneyland, or moving in with your life-long best friend…then, your feet start to hurt, your child begins bawling, the stress ofContinue reading “Babe! Merry Christmas! I Got You Running Water.”

Electric trains come to MT. In 1915! Check out the video!

The building we’re working on turning into our business and home is an electric train substation built around 1915.  We’ve already learned so much about the MILW and our building, but I’ll wait until our historian finishes our National Historic Register application and post it here to make sure all the facts are 100% correct.Continue reading “Electric trains come to MT. In 1915! Check out the video!”

On Chickens…

Chickens. Chickens are a great example of something that seems really difficult to do until you actually do it (it did for us anyway).  Every time I’m skeptical about trying something new, I just remember the anxiety I felt when we first got into “chicken ranching”. Believe me when I say that we lost someContinue reading “On Chickens…”