What a Difference a Day Makes

I have been home in Montana for just under 48 hours and my life has transitioned nicely from one of strict schedules and expectations to a girl’s dream–a life of cuddly, warm animals, fresh, homemade comfort food, and a sexy man to share it all with.

Erin - AIT graduation

I graduated from my Advanced Individual Training (AIT) in construction on February 14 as an Honor Grad.  So, that felt pretty good–but it felt better to be sitting on my first of many flights back to Montana.  Luckily, (or as destiny would have it) I sat by a fantastic woman on my flight between Atlanta and Salt Lake City.  Her name was Diane, she and her husband had retired to eastern Montana, and from what she told me, they carried between them five decades of experience working in the field of therapeutic recreation.  Since we are seeking the right individuals for our Board of Directors and our long-term goal is to serve veterans who may be having trouble finding work, reintegrating back into their communities, or being treated for physical or mental health conditions–an expert in the field therapeutic recreation could be quite valuable to our long-term work.  As with everything, we’ll pursue that relationship and see where it takes us.

Free-range omelet

When I woke up on Saturday morning, I saw my first chick hatch (Valentine–who is doing fantastic, by the way).  Then, I ate a fluffy free-range Oglethorpe / Bearded Lady omelet.  It felt a little bit awkward cracking eggs for my omelet whilst listening to the cheep of baby chicks trying to break free from their egg prisons, but I shrugged off my distaste for the situation and focused on how great it was to eat such a great, healthy meal provided to me by the same chicks that I had held just a year earlier.

Next, Al’s mom and I bought all of the supplies for a brooding box for our chicks.  This is too easy.  You need: pine shavings, a heat lamp, and a food and water source.  To offset the $50 we spent at Murdoch’s getting our brooding box together, we’ll be hitting you up to vote for us in the Murdoch’s Love Your Pet photo contest (winners get a $50 gift card) when our photos come online, so be prepared for that!


I also bonded with our two new litters of kits–if you don’t have baby rabbits in your life right now, in the middle of this cold, blustery winter, you are missing something in your life.  Rabbits = Love.  I used to think owning a rabbit would be some terrifying experience out of the creepy cartoon (that IS NOT for children) Watership Down.  Thanks mom, for exposing me to this little beauty on the left. It is from the movie, based on the book by the same name by Richard Adams marketed as, “The timeless classic novel of exile, courage, and survival,” or as we call it in my house, “Why Erin was irrationally paralyzed by fear at the sight of cute, cuddly rabbits.”

Luckily, as every normal person knows, rabbits are not indeed the blood-thirsty, angry, demonic spawn of Satan.  There is no easy transition here, so to wrap this champagne induced post up, having baby animals reminds you that spring (and your childhood issues) are always lingering around the corner.

P.S. Mom, I no longer have nightmares.  Love you!  Erin

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