10 thoughts on “Help us out with some feedback, friends!

    1. Good question! I guess I thought maybe that keeping the name was enough. Maybe I’ll try to work in a railroad spike or something. A rabbit harvest would be great, as long as people aren’t squeamish!

  1. So… because there is a big bull skull and PS looks a lot like BS… my brain skipped right to the logo looking like “BS”. It took me a bit to sort it out. Also – and I would say this is less of an issue – the colors feel vaguely political… like there is some bipartisan cooperation going on.

    1. Hey! Thanks for the input, it’s a buffalo skull, and yes the colors are intentional, because we are patriotic and hope to become an incubator farm for other veterans through the Farmer Veteran Coalition!

  2. you don’t know me from adam, but i figured you’re soliciting ideas…

    honestly, this looks a little too much like a political sign for my tastes…I’m not sure how to explain it, but it is very strong and doesn’t really reflect (based on the little knowledge i have of your endeavor) what y’all do.

    everyone has an opinion, here is mine:

    how about a railroad spike outline looking as if it was hammered halfway into the ground and the ground below showing stress fractures. along the top of the ground, 2 or 3 plants/flowers in different stages of growth. depending on how you orient your images, the text PRS, PR or Primrose Station could be curved above or below in a “brand” type font.

    as far as color goes, i would avoid patriotic colors – preferring to go black and white, or even a rusted, sepia look if you had to.

    mind you, this is all based on how i think the logo would look on a road sign or on the building itself…tshirts you can do pretty much anything you like.

    regardless of my opinion on the logo, you are doing an AWESOME job on your homestead – that i cannot and will not critique.

    – rummy

    1. Hey man thanks for the feedback! We’re still working on the logo, and have already decided on incorporating a railroad spike instead of the stripes. Thanks for the complement on the homestead, it’s a lot of work to document the progress but we love interacting with others on here with similar interests. Take care!

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