Anyone that knows us knows that we have given up a lot of creature comforts over the last year to attain our goals. At the end of last year I was still stationed in California and Erin had already found a job up here and moved back to get us established, and during that time to save up money I lived in an RV. Parked on the street like a crazy person. 1SG hated it but as he noted it “wasn’t technically illegal” so he “had to let me do it”. Not only was it fun, like camping every day, but it did free up a lot of money to pay down debt, get our projects in Montana rolling, and fix the RV up to be our base for a bit when I finally moved home. I archived the experience here for those that are interested: The original forum thread this page was born out of..

We’ve had a lot of challenges with all of these projects, but I’m confident we’ll succeed, we will obviously do almost anything to make sure of that! This year is going to be a huge year for us as we expand our homestead operations at Primrose Station and learn as much as we can about self-sufficient and sustainable living. Thanks to everyone for all of their help and encouragement!

Also, I need to get my hands on some sugar beets if anyone has a few laying around…

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