New Year’s Resolutions


1. Grow our family of animals to be 20 chickens and 50 rabbits without purchasing any new chicks or kits at the store. (Kit is short for kitten, the term for a baby rabbit–cute attack!)

2. Host our 1st annual 4th of July celebration. Complete with a BBQ, bunting, and fireworks.

3. Build new homes for the chicks and rabbits so they no longer have to cohabitate.

4. Purchase the neighboring property to expand our homestead.

5. Stay active and prioritize our fitness by hiking, running, and working out.

6. Pay off Primrose Station.

7. Expand our garden.

8. Plant 50 fruit and nut trees and berry bushes.

9. Construct a working bathroom.

10. Get Primrose Station on the National Historic Register.

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