What’s our goal?

Primrose Station

This blog is all about Primrose Station, an ongoing project my supportive wife and I embarked upon just a little over a year ago. We know where we’re going, and this blog is going to serve as a reminder of where we’ve been, and hopefully will inspire and motivate others to dream big!

I’m Alton, the husband, and I’m really interested in self-reliance. My wife, Erin, is really into community. We found this piece of property and thought it would make an amazing home: plenty of space, out of town but close enough, beautiful historic building, and the price was right. As time went on we decided we’d really like to make a business out of it, to allow us to have the freedom of being our own bosses while also getting us more involved with our local economy and community. We’ve come to the conclusion that we’d like to expand into some neighboring properties to get a small farm going, while renovating the train station into a small B&B. To this end we’ve accomplished a fair amount in the last year, and we’ll keep pressing forward. I was accepted into the Veteran’s Entrepreneurship Program at Oklahoma State University, and that program is helping to refine the business plan and really get ready to own our own business. We planted fruit trees, started chickens and rabbits, grew our first garden, and bought an old 1939 Ford tractor. We’re learning how to farm while slowly moving forward on getting the station fixed up.

After this introductory post I’m going to post pictures and stories, how-to’s, links and info often. Anybody interested in entrepreneurship, homesteading, self-reliance, or old tractors, please drop us a line or stop in to MILW substation #10 some time (that’s Primrose Station) and say hello!

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