Eek! We’re Starting a Business

Hummingbird Feeder

I’m Erin, the wife. I think that I can say that I am like many other women in this modern era.  In my twenties, I was moderately ambitious with my career and thought little of tending to a home. I was proud to have more than one kind of cheese to offer at a party where I distracted my guests with copious amounts of wine. I could make chocolate chip cookies and chicken. Most of the time, I shopped at the “cool” grocery store, with a bulk food aisle and organic, locally-grown produce. But–here’s the irony–I didn’t really know what made that grocery store so “cool”. I just knew that the products they offered were often too expensive for my meager wage, but I still wanted to shop there.

It took a few more years (and a lot of help from my patient husband) for me to truly understand the vibe that thoughtful, local  business emanated. It invested in local farmers. It created an inviting space to do a mundane chore. It smelled good, everything looked fresh, and as ridiculous as it sounds, you wanted to shop there because you would either bump into someone you knew…or bump into someone that you wanted to know.

So, now we are building our own business! We want Primrose Station to remind us of every beautiful, inviting place that we’ve ever visited. We will challenge ourselves by doing construction projects on the building, raising animals and food, and making this location as dynamic as possible. Join us on this journey as we report on our latest projects, skills, and adventures!

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